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Fact No. 1: DJs like shiny new things.

They like new gear, they like new technology, they like to be the first on their block to have that new toy that Jazzy Jeff or Carl Cox was playing with last weekend.

To that end, if you follow any DJ social channels over the last year or so, you have likely heard about the hottest new piece of technology – the Phase wireless DJ controller from MWM.
Small and sleek with a minimalist design and a cool customizable LED light, this bluetooth controller is hot. I have not had my DJ friends asking to stop by to demo a new piece of gear in years. But, this one had my phone ringing, nonstop.

What is it, exactly? Phase is a wireless DVS timecode solution that replaces your control vinyl with a pair of remote transmitters and a receiver – and that means you no longer have to use traditional needles and cartridges, nor do you need DVS control vinyl. Phase replaces all of those elements with a single solution that’s easy to set-up and has many benefits over the aforementioned “traditional” solutions.

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