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To make our NAMM 2020 review complete, on Day 4 of the show, DJ Times made one last pass through the Anaheim Convention Center to catch up on some of the DJ- and studio-related items we might’ve missed on the show’s first three days. Here they are:

Back at the inMusic booth, we re-visited the Rane Seventy mixer. It’s a two-channel model with improved faders and a tweaked layout, along with internal effects, performance pads, and features designed to make the most out of Serato DJ Pro software. It’s due in Q2 2020.

namm 2020 rane 70

“There’s a lot of new features that makes it unique,” said Ivan Avalos, aka DJ Supafly in Rochester, Minnesota. “For example the instant double buttons can be changed to silent cue — a big game changer for DJs who use turntables or the twelves. Rane’s quality audio is still there and will not distort like other mixers do when it hits red — this is called quasi-peak metering.”

Mark Moore from Cincinnati said that one of the small differences is that you’ll be able to set the pads to different functions, “so a DJ can toneplay one deck A, and hit cue points at the same time on deck B. The 3style type of guys will find all kinds of new things this mixer can do.”

For more info check the Rane site here.

We also checked out Artiphon’s Orba, a hockey-puck-sized portable synth, looper and MIDI controller that just concluded a successful Kickstarter funding campaign. Between its multiple touch pads and integrated motion sensors, it translates gestures and button presses into music. It works standalone, but is compatible with all major DAWs to take musical ideas created on-the-fly all the way to a finished product.

Finally, IK Multimedia’s new iRig Stream is a device that, among other use cases, lets DJs record their sets or stream them in real-time using an accompanying app – a super-useful tool for DJs looking to push their talents out there further.

All in all, NAMM 2020 delivered a lot of promising new tech for the DJ and producer. Look for in-depth reviews of many of the products we’ve seen here – in DJ Times and online – in the months ahead.

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Here’s DJ Craze behind the decks using the Rane Seventy mixer: