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Hot on the heels of his recent Grammy nomination, Baauer has announced he will be hosting his very own Twitch-broadcast virtual music festival, BOPFEST.

Set to take place April 10th, marking the one-year anniversary of his first live stream, BOPFEST’s lineup will feature winners of Baauer’s Twitch beat battles (dubbed “bop battles”) such as Kyyhky, RamonPang, and Sim Fane, as well as Good Times Ahead and X&G.

Along with a brand-new musical performance from Baauer, BOPFEST will feature unannounced special guests and original comedic sketches from the producer.

“I am so proud and happy that the community came together to make this event happen, and I’m inspired by all their talent,” said Baauer.

Check out the complete lineup for BOPFEST below and be sure to tune on April 10th at .

baauer bopfest lineup 2021

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