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As clubs and festival slowly begin to creep back up to full capacity, Australian electronic dance talents Tommy Trash and Yolanda Be Cool have teamed up to engineer an infectious dancefloor coming in the form of “Emergency.”

No strangers to cooking up club-ready anthems, these three have put their creative minds together to deliver a hard-hitting house hit that comes equipped with a robust rhythm, beefy basslines and commanding vocals while radiating a lethal dose of nostalgia thanks to its 80’s stabs and snare rolls. A proper throwback for your Thursday!

While the last year has been crazy, ‘Emergency’ is certainly a silver living for Tommy Trash, who said, “When COVID hit I was fortunate enough to find myself living in the Malibu hills with some great people including Matt from Yolanda and the world’s coolest dog OBI. We created a safe haven during the chaos and some beautiful music was born in that time. One year later and I’m in Oz working with Andy on finishing ‘Emergency’, and we all couldn’t be more stoked with the result!”

“The best test for a demo is undoubtedly the crowd reaction and seeing the crowd sing the lyrics back to you on the second breakdown even though they had never heard the song before made us feel pretty confident in ‘Emergency’ and why it should be our next single. We’re super pumped to get it out,” Yolanda Be Cool explains.

Take an exclusive first listen to this colossal collaboration below and enjoy!

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