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Are you a mobile DJ looking to get back to business in a big way? Are you ready to market yourself to a larger audience right now? Well, DJX ’21 is ready to go and prepared to reveal new, effective methods that will help you sharpen your marketing immediately.

Set for August 9-12 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, the industry’s longest-running trade show/exhibition will bring DJs of all stripes the tips, tricks and advice that will help make you stand out in your market. Presented by DJ Times, these new sessions include:

Ross Akselrad

“Selling Your Services Virtually: Key Strategies to Increase Sales in a Socially Distant Marketplace.”

Ross Akselrad of Philadelphia’s Pulse Entertainment will teach you the key strategies, ideas, and templates he uses to sell his DJ services to potential clients using virtual platforms like Zoom. In this revealing session, he will share with you the presentation he uses to close over 80-percent of his virtual meetings. Take notes and raise your game.

Jessica “DJ Jess” McKelvey

“Meal Plan Your Instagram: The Healthy Way of Using Social Media to Nourish Your Business.”

Are you missing out on business because you’re sleeping on Instagram? In her info-filled session, Pittsburgh’s Jessica “DJ Jess” McKelvey will show you the tricks of the IG trade, including: what to focus on when posting; developing your schedule; getting content; working the algorithm; showing up where you clients are; and creating a beautiful feed that makes followers want to dive deeper. IG your way to bigger business!

“Professionalism: How Mobiles Stay Ahead by Minding their P’s & Q’s.”

From your attire to your conduct, from your social media to your office space – how you present yourself matters. Philly’s Ross Akselrad will offer crucial tips on putting your best foot forward, so that you maintain a great reputation and earn more business by marketing your professionalism.

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