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Fox Feltman, BTA Entertainment, New Bern, N.C.

Impact: I have three: “1999” & “Let’s Go Crazy” because they’re so fun & “Purple Rain” because it’s a sing-along.

Deep Cut: “The Beautiful Ones.” I’m a sucker for a great ballad.

Legacy: He tells stories people can relate to.

Georgia Sinclair (aka DJ Saint Clair), L.A.

Impact: “Controversy” has catchy synths, drums & lyrics, plus it slots so well with modern songs.

Deep Cut: “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?” At the right moment to the right crowd, you can get the whole crowd to sing along.

Legacy: Everything he created was authentic—an innovator.

JES, Unleash the Beat, L.A.

Impact: “When Doves Cry,” for its meditative, mysterious & funky groove.

Deep Cut: “Hot Thing” has that dirty, electro groove. Also, “Starfish & Coffee” because he was so cute with The Muppets.

Legacy: He connected with his audience with his heart & soul.

Lauren Lane, Edible, L.A.

Impact: “When Doves Cry” or “1999,” which is the perfect party song.

Deep Cut: “Raspberry Beret” paints a vivid picture.

Legacy: Music that’s memorable, sexy & catchy.

DJ Cassidy, Big Beat, NYC

Impact: “Kiss” for its minimal simplicity & relentless groove. Like BBD’s “Poison” & Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” the intro guitar lick is a calling card to the dancefloor.

Deep Cut: “Anotherloverholenyohead” is a funky, mid-tempo song that rises in energy.

Legacy: Genius can’t be explained, only appreciated.

Jerry Bazata, DJ Jaz Music, Ogunquit, Maine

Impact: “I Wanna Be Your Lover” always kept the dancefloor packed.

Deep Cut: “Adore,” a strong R&B ballad that showcases his vocal mastery & range, and end-of-the-night song.

Legacy: His music helps create memorable experiences.

Lucas Med, Temple, San Francisco

Impact: “When Doves Cry” connects—I can see it in their faces.

Deep Cut: “Nothing Compares 2 U” always gives me goosebumps.

Legacy: He brought out real feelings & emotions—can’t beat that.

Phil Turnipseed, DJ Times, Newark, N.J.

Impact: “When Doves Cry,” with its piano-laced hook, has a childlike cuteness & no bassline!

Deep Cut: “Erotic City,” the darker, dirtier stepchild of “When Doves Cry.”

Legacy: He never cheated us.

B Jones, Privilege, Ibiza

Impact: As an audience member, gotta be “Kiss.”

Deep Cut: “Cream” works due to its amazing rhythm and house bassline.

Legacy: Can an artist be more complete than Prince?

Grace Chatto, Clean Bandit, London

Impact: The chord progressions on “I Wanna Be Your Lover” are super-feel-good, and the vocals make it sexy.

Deep Cut: “Purple Rain.” Perfect, so slow, so deep, so huge.

Legacy: It’s real music.

Thomas Pough (aka DJ Polo), NYC

Impact: “When Doves Cry” because the guitar spoke to me.

Deep Cut: “Alphabet Street,” a fun, let-loose song.

Legacy: He’s timeless.

Cristian Varela, Pornographic Recs, London

Impact: Playing “Purple Rain” on a beautiful Ibiza beach club… the reaction was huge.

Deep Cut: “Do It All Night” from Dirty Mind.

Legacy: Spiritual music made from the heart.

DJ Roonie G, Roonie Tunes, Columbus, Ga.

Impact: These days, I’m dropping “FUNKNROLL.”

Deep Cut: Years ago, it was “17 Days.”

Legacy: Provocative, but in a very artistic way.

VENIICE, Los Angeles

Impact: “Sexy Dancer.” Just listen to that bassline—it runs through your bones!

Deep Cut: “Computer Blue” has one of the best breakdowns ever.

Legacy: He originated new sounds & didn’t follow trends.

Sydney Blu, Blu Music, Toronto

Impact: “Erotic City” has a real dance beat & it’s the most electronic record he ever made.

Deep Cut: “Baby I’m a Star”—so much soul, groove & energy.

Legacy: There will never be another artist like him.

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