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In the heavily saturated world of DJs and parties to match, there is a very small percentage of promoters, labels, artists, and brands that can travel the world and receive so much love and respect. One brand that has managed to catapult through the scene is Desert Hearts.

With the Spring 2017 installment of Desert Hearts set to return Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in California from March 31-April 3, DJ Times is revisiting the history of the West Coast crew’s intimate get-together.

In 2012, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, and Kristoff McKay joined together with 200 people in the Mojave Desert. In 2012 was the Lotus Full Moon Campout at La Jolla Campground and Tropical Hearts New Year’s Gathering at the Zorthian Ranch. Then in 2013, the crew organized Tropical Hearts on the La Jolla Campground adding vendors, workshops, yoga classes, and more with 48 hours of non-stop music. The line-up featured the likes of Christian Martin and Jimpster in addition to the Desert Hearts crew.

After a successful sold out events, Desert Hearts then came back to the La Jolla Reservation in November of 2013 to celebrate their one-year anniversary with Noir, Marc Houle, Thugfucker, and DJ Three. Tropical Hearts had over 1200 partygoers in attendance causing the one-year anniversary to add another 12 hours to the previous 48 hours of music translating into 60 hours of non-stop beats adding theme camps to the one stage event.

In 2014, Desert Hearts put together yet another festival. This time the festival was on private land in Apple Valley, California where the location was unannounced until 24 hours prior to the event. Art installations, open bars, and an array of performers were also present for this rendition of Desert Hearts. 2014 also was the first rendition of City Hearts in San Francisco after an event along the Santa Monica pier. City Hearts was also debuted in Los Angeles before the Desert Hearts Festival came to the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation and then the crew played at Spin in San Diego and Audio in San Francisco before 2014 came to a close.

The 2015 spring rendition of Desert Hearts featured M.A.N.D.Y., Audiofly, Blond:ish, Monkey Safari, Rodriguez Jr., and Shaded and took place from Friday to Monday with non-stop music. City Hearts then came to Brooklyn redesigning the Greenpoint venue, Good Room with artistic décor throughout. The City Hearts Summer of Love Tour of 2015 began in San Francisco and came to Los Angeles, Denver, and Toronto before the bi-annual gathering returned to Los Coyotes Reservation for its third year. Claude VonStroke headlined joining the bill with Doc Martin, Olivier Giacomotto, Tara Brooks, and many more. The Desert Hearts crew then ended 2015 with two more renditions of City Hearts in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston before touching down in Mexico for Maya Hearts on New Year’s Eve.
With the Desert Hearts brand expanding quicker than ever in a couple of years, 2016 saw even more events in cities such as Miami, Washington DC, Tahoe, Toronto, and Salt Lake City. Now in 2017 the Desert Hearts Crew has already brought its City Hearts tour to 12 cities and 13 venues debuting in New Orleans, Seattle, Denver, Reno, and Portland.

The collective has built their brand centered around on simple concept, one stage and one heartbeat. The belief that everyone should be on the same wavelength and same vibe permeates throughout their events and festivals. At any Desert Hearts you will see a variety of colorful people all smiling and introducing themselves to one another. The idea that we should all be on the same level of consciousness has managed to translate throughout the west coast and now North America.
You can now visit numerous other festivals and events on both coasts and see the iconic Desert Hearts symbol worn around the neck and know that the person wearing it is good company. The Desert Hearts community is known to be warm, loving, and welcoming and they have managed to bring that warmth on tour.

The festival is now sold out but we recommend checking out these 5 artists:
Marques Wyatt
Oona Dahl
Sacha Robotti


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