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It’s that time of the year again, DMC will be crowning their 2017 US Champion Saturday, August 5th, at Highline Ballroom!

2017 DMC US Finalists:
DJ PERLY – 2016 DMC US Vice Champ
DWELLS – DMC NYC Champ + 2017 DMC US Supremacy Champ
DJ AS-ONE – DMC Washington DC Champ
BOMBEARDO – DMC Chicago Champ
DJ SPARECHANGE – DMC Cincinnati Champ
SHMEEZE – DMC Los Angeles Champ
DJ RAGOZA – DMC Tampa Champ
TOLTECH – DMC Denver Champ
DJ LES – DMC Phoenix Champ
DJ THRODOWN – DMC Pittsburgh Champ

This event is DMC’s classic solo showcase style DJ battle hosted by Lord Finesse with the top 3 champs will be determined by our panel of expert judges. Plus, the 2017 DMC US Champion will represent the USA at the 2017 DMC World DJ Championships in London October 1st!

To purchase tickets for the DMC US Finals DJ Battle visit and head on over to for more information regarding their global competition.

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