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Everyone can benefit from a review of their company logo. Regardless of whether you’re just starting your DJ company or you’ve been in business for years, your logo is the first point of reference a client will encounter.

In one snapshot it communicates your intent, your “why” and your level of professionalism.

That’s the thinking behind The Logo Review — a video series where we take a look at the logos of DJ business owners from a design/branding viewpoint.

In this debut episode, Mike Petritis, owner of Eliix Marketing, has gifted us with his time and knowledge to go through a dozen of your logos and offer critiques.

The first logo belongs to K-Sound Entertainment, owned by Kurtus Nichols, familiar to many as the man behind the Bad DJ Setups franchise.

company logo review

Nichols said that the logo “Makes branding easy by slapping the transparent on pictures from events.”

See what Petritis has to say about using drop shadows.

drop shadow

The next company logo is from Peggy Ojeda from Art of Sound Productions. “We chose to go with a clean design with a unique font and a hint of color embedded in the text,” she said. “We love it and have it displayed on every page of our website.”

company logo

Let’s see if Petritis agrees — and learn about balancing your logo.

The first episode is about 10 minutes.

Former DJ Mike Petritis is the owner of Eliix Marketing in Austin, Texas.

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