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Attention DJs… How would you like to win a pair of passes to the 2020 DJ Expo, including four free hotel nights?

Yes? Well, read on for the exciting details of Expo’s new “Be Our Guest” contest.

Set for Nov. 16-19 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., DJ Expo will present the DJ industry’s largest exhibit hall, its top slate of educational seminars, and some of the industry’s most exciting sponsored events. Produced since 1990 by DJ Times, DJ Expo is America’s longest-running trade show/exhibition for professional DJs. Whether you’re an upstart spinner or a seasoned pro, DJ Expo is always the place to be.

So how do you win? Just submit to us the most useful DJ idea. It can be a tip for anything that relates to DJing, equipment or business – for bedroom, club, or mobile DJs – anything that’ll help the DJ craft.

Some Topics: Tips on marketing more effectively; getting better online reviews; reading a crowd; differentiating your business from the competition; getting more venue referrals; finding and training DJs; personalizing a wedding; optimizing your laptop for DJing; getting more leads at a bridal show; how to best spec a room for speaker placement; equipment hacks; how to do a superior wedding party intro, etc.

Some Specific Examples: 

  1. Tip to help prevent controller/laptop freeze when using Serato. 

“Nothing’s more embarrassing than when the controller stops working or Serato stops responding. I found that if I had Serato already launched and turned on the controller afterward, that’s when I would experience issues such as Serato or the controller freezing. The solution, I found, was that I had to first turn on the controller and once it was fully on, I would then launch Serato.”

  1. Tip for helping newer DJs learn music and read the crowd.

“Organizing their folders is key to building their catalogue. Have folders within folders – instead of just an ‘80s folder’ have different playlists inside for different situations with names like ‘sing along.’ ‘for the ladies,’ ‘for the guys,’ ‘dinner,’ ‘cocktail,’ ‘bangers for dancefloor,’ etc. This will expand their knowledge about why some songs are better than others, based on observing crowd reactions and taking guest requests. Skills will develop if you help them build their catalogue and they adhere to the lists you’ve created/collaborated on.”

  1. How to create a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

“Step 1: Log into the Google Account you want associated with your business (or create a Google Account if you don’t already have one).

“Step 2: Go to and select ‘Start now’ in the top right-hand corner.

“Step 3: Enter your business name.”

The winner will be chosen by DJ Times and will receive 2 Full Expo Passes and four nights of a double-occupancy room.

For the “Be Our Guest” contest, entries will be judged on the following criteria: 1) the more specific, the better, 2) the more clarity, the better 3) simply, the best tip.

As for subject matter, the sky is the limit. In 150 words or less. Go!

DJ Expo 2020 “Be Our Guest”

For more information and to enter the contest please visit here.

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