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We asked DJs if they’ve been booking gigs. Those that are performing, we asked how many guests have been at the gigs — and how many were following COVID protocols.

Tim Trader, Northern Michigan’s upper peninsula: Did a small prom in late August 17. Less than 100 kids in a outdoor pavilion. No protocols followed by the kids. Outdoor wedding with about 120 and masks were about 50-50. We have a wedding this weekend for about 250, not sure how that is going to go.

Ian J. Mullinger, SoDiscos, UK:  I did a wedding in London for seventeen people on Sunday mate. Every venue will have guidelines from the local councils, that you obviously need to follow but it’s all standard, with social distancing, track and trace. I’ve got a risk assessment.

Gina Gigi, Pennsylvania: I’ve done nine weddings since June. All of them looked a bit different. Some obeyed the guidelines. Nobody is wearing masks except me. I’m wearing a mask, but I’m mocked and bullied.

Kurtus Nichols, K-Sound Entertainment, southeastern Ohio: Here in Ohio you’re allowed up to 300 in venues, unlimited for residence.

Tom Nevill, Event DJs, Metro Detroit: 50/50 for me when it comes to guests following proper covid procedures. I did a wedding Saturday that was a great example of what to do. The guests were wearing masks, hand sanitizer stations set up and a huge dancefloor to allow proper distance. Then I did one Sunday that was almost three times allowed capacity by the state of Michigan. Absolutely zero masks in sight (except myself, wedding coordinator and catering staff). The dance floor was packed.

Denny McConnell, MUSIC TO YOU ENTERTAINMENT: There are no gigs and no one is following protocol, and that’s why we’re where we are.

Lawrence Rowe, Sartell, MN, Impressions Mobile: I’ve done as large as 250, and possibly more at one of them. With that being said, definitely smaller micro weddings with one being 31 and a couple others in the 50s range. One venue was very strict on masks, while others not so much but can tell plans in place for masking staff.

Pete Richmire: In Washington State receptions are not allowed and bars must close by 10 pm.

Kristaval K. Vanicek, Kristaval Entertainment, NJ/NY: 140 people outside. No one wore masks but they weren’t letting anyone go in the house. They brought out trailer bathrooms. But I put myself up in a balcony and wore a mask when I loaded in.

Jay Friese, Signature Sounds, Newport RI: I’ve done a 95 outside wedding and a 45 inside wedding.

Christopher Abell, Abell DJ Company, St. Louis MO: The largest I’ve done so far is 150 guests. All the weddings so far had very few guests following COVID protocols.

Claude Dickerson, Richmond, VA: 175 and limited COVID guidelines followed. Caterer-prepared plates and there were a few masks. Zero social distance and way over state-mandated capacity.

Michael Cataldi, Mesa AZ: Last wedding I did, back on August 11, was 120 guests and not one guest was wearing a mask.