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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, gaming and dance culture have never been more intertwined with Twitch being the go-to broadcast platform for both gamers, DJs, and their fans. Well, what if I told you these two forces were about to collide on the virtual playing field!?

HARD Events has launched a new weekly gaming competition, TRY HARDs, which will be calling Insomniac TV its home. Hosted by long-time gaming personality Brittani Johnson (E3, G4TV), two DJs will take on two professional gamers with each daily broadcast will center around a gaming theme. Monday’s focus on lighthearted titles like Super Smash Brothers, Fall Guy and Rocket League, Tuesdays revolving around first-person shooters and Wednesday tackling sports games.

Fridays will see Johnson recap the week’s highlights with behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and gossip as well as update fans on the latest gaming news.

Season One of TRY HARDs will feature Chris Lorenzo, Cheat Codes, Wax Motif, Born Dirty and more!

Check out the complete schedule pf TRY HARDs debut next week below and be sure to tune in!

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