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For the past decade-and-a-half, Staci “The Track Star” Nichols has been spinning parties for brands like Lamborghini and Reebok, at events like Comic-Con and movie premieres – plus, she’s worked over 500 weddings. She has played throughout the U.S. and Mexico – from the Vegas strip to NYC, from Cabo to Cancún.

So how does she do it? She’ll be the first to tell you that it’s her active online presence, thru blogging and social media, that keeps the plum gigs coming.

Want to up your game? Then, check out Staci’s pair of mobile-marketing tutorials at the 2021 DJ Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, Aug. 9-12. They include:

The Mobile DJ’s Blogging Bible: How I Get 400 Visitors a Day to My Website.

A tip-filled session that will help you create genuine engagement with your audience. Among other topics, DJ Staci will tackle tag and category structure, anchor links, image titles and alt tags, SEO, and posting/sharing blogposts. She’ll show Expo attendees how to turn all this blogging info into an easily replicated, auto-pilot system using templates and a virtual assistant. Wanna get ahead of the competition? Learn to build and keep your audience.

E-Mail Lead-Reply Strategy: What to Say & When to Say It

When inquiries come, what are the best ways to keep the potential clients engaged – and then close the sale? For this session, Staci will explain: how to set up an autoresponder for Knot/Wedding Wire leads – responding in under five minutes is key, according to research; how to start a conversation, including an opening question that begins a back-and-forth, but doesn’t get stuck on price; how to use subtle, but effective ways to move toward closing; how to use research-based strategies to keep your emails fun (instead of desperate); and how to spruce up your online testimonials. Are you looking for better business in our currently challenging environment? Don’t miss this session.


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