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After lighting up the airwaves last year dropping two singles that served as their first new music in 10 years, Pendulum looks to pick up right where they left off returning with an exhilarating new single, “Come Alive.”

Still buzzing off the release of their massive drum & bass anthem “Driver,” and their stunning vocal-driven track “Nothing For Free,” the iconic drum’n’bass group’s comeback tour continues on with an electrifying offering driven by striking guitar riffs and classic vocals from frontman Rob Swire that is a true rock-infused electronic weapon that has become synonymous with their name for just about two decades now.

With this being their third release over the past year, it is pretty safe to assume there is plenty more where this came from with “Come Alive” hopefully being the track that opens the floodgates when it comes to new Pendulum music.

Check out Pendulum’s new “Come Alive” below and enjoy!

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