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Similar to the Fade Scratch, the Echo technique uses the channel/volume fader but its movements are more like the forward scratch. The crossfader should always remain on and start with the record at the beginning of a sound.

Release the record and as it gets to the end of the sound, turn the channel/volume fader all the way down. While the volume fader is down, bring the record back to the beginning of the sound. When you release the record, move the crossfader back up but don’t go all the way.

If you started with fader all the way up at “10” on the next scratch only bring the fader up to ~“7”. On each repetition bring the volume fader lower and lower until it reaches zero.

The goal is to only hear the sound playing forward and on each forward decreasing the volume to achieve the way an echo would sound in a large room. This can then also be done the opposite way, starting from zero and working up, to echo the scratch back in.

echo scratch

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