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Pittsburgh-based Dave Lander is known for his music programming and set list design, but he’s also adept at productivity hacks. We asked him to describe his inspiration for his seminar at DJX — Digital Dave’s DJ Hacks.

“In 2018 and 2019 I saw a good friend, Nicole Peck, a former VP of Biz Bash, give a great rapid-fire presentation on various apps, softwares, etc. that can greatly improve your every day business work flow. While the audience was DJs, the primary focus was apps to help your business. That inspired me to create a similarly themed seminar — except, instead of focusing on the business end (although there are a few business end apps in here), focusing on the music, performance and production end of our industry.

The great part about Nicole’s seminar, and mine, is these are tools you can use every day, that literally make every gig easier/better and it’s rapid fire so if I drop 40 hacks, even if an attendee is familiar with 20 of them, they still may learn about 5 or more very valuable apps/pieces of gear/software etc. that they never knew about before. It’s very unique in that at least I personally have never seen a presentation like it at a trade show/expo/educational conference.

So I’ve been working on a presentation of “DJ Hacks”…things like Wisestamp email signature, Duratex paint to touch up speakers, 99 Designs for Logos, Fiverr for voiceover work, Mixed In Key, etc. It’s basically a rapid fire presentation of helpful products, websites, etc.”

To register for DJX, August 9-12 at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, click here.

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