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Since the show’s 1990 inception, DJs of all stripes have gained valuable knowledge, provided by industry thought-leaders, that benefited their businesses. As the DJ scene evolves, DJX each year brings you the latest and most-effective solutions for the industry’s unique challenges – in business, performance, or technology.

So, If you’re a DJ looking to take your business to new levels, make sure you attend DJX ’22 this Aug. 8-11 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. Produced by DJ LIFE magazine and Hazan Media Group, DJX’s deep slate of educational seminar sessions will raise your game and improve your prospects for future success.

Starter Set: Lifelong Lessons for Beginner DJs

What does it take to become a successful DJ? How does a jock start from scratch and launch a successful career? With a little help from his friends, Philly’s Greg Curran of The DJ Entertainment School/Curran Entertainment/The Senate DJs will show you the way.

He’ll explain what equipment you need and its expenditure, what skills must be perfected (mic work, gear hook-up, etc.), how to get gigs and how to carry yourself in a professional manner. He’ll also explain the benefits of social-media marketing/SEO and how posting on Instagram and TikTok can be good for starting and maintaining your new DJ business. Co-presenters include Patrick Danaher of The Senate DJs/Gulf Coast Sounds and Hugh Riley of The Pros Weddings/Wedding Bug Studios.

‌Business 101: Top Tips for Beginner DJs

Are you a DJ just starting out and looking to make your way in this business? Or even a more-seasoned jock who just can’t seem to fully organize, or book those higher-end events? Join Philly’s Neeek Nyce (aka Vernique Fields of Into Fields Live Entertainment) for a session that can help start your DJ business, or serve as a much-needed refresher course, as she’ll explain the ins and outs of starting and operating your own successful DJ business.

Topics include: The difference between a hobbyist DJ and a professional; How to promote your services as a beginner; Establishing your lane/niche; Building a professional portfolio; Pricing and understanding your value; Contracts, invoicing, and proposals; Client communications; Gear investment; and more.

 These seminars are open to All Access or Daily Pass holders only.

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