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As the race for “America’s Best DJ” begins, some DJs have chimed in with their opinions of at least one nominee—MTV’s Jersey Shore well-oiled DJ Pauly D.

The response has been spirited. It started with J.R. Hutter, who said: “You guys are out of your mind putting “DJ” Pauly D on the list for America’s Best DJ alongside some amazing DJs. Total disgrace! Tighten up!”

And then Z-Trip, last year’s winner, although careful not to diss, made his thoughts abundantly clear:

“START OF RANT,” he wrote on Twitter. “Being last years winner, I have to say, it’s a bit of a knock to all the OG’s to include Pauly D on Americas Best DJ 2010 ballot. Not trying to dis, but the fact that he is on the list (alongside some DJ legends) is a bit sketchy. He hasn’t earned that yet IMO.”

Although respectful of Pauly’s hustle, (“I fully respect his hustle, and wish him well in what he does”), Z-Trip felt he hasn’t “done the work needed to be included on the list.”

“I only hope people see (and vote for) DJs who’ve actually been doing it for years in public and/or have put in the work to earn the title. To me, he is on that list based mostly off of the show, not his skill level. I’m hoping people vote for the right DJs based on skill, not fame.”

Z-Trip did have some tips to offer the young Pauly. “Again, Pauly, get yours in this world. But if you win, I can’t help but feel let down. U R no Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Craze, etc. Not yet anyway, but keep practicing, like the rest of us, let your skills rise. If you keep at it, eventually you can earn it. But nobody knew who you were before the show…just sayin it’s America’s BEST DJ, not America’s NEWEST.

And the coda: “OK, that’s all. Again, no hate, just had to speak on it from a true DJ perspective. May the BEST DJ Win!”

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