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Swedish pair Cazzette’s vocal anthem “Static” has been given a rushing house makeover from Mathieu Koss, and we’ve got the exclusive first play of the Friday night throbber ahead of its release on PRMD tomorrow.

For his rework, Koss takes Alexander Björklund & Sebastian Furrer’s subdued groove of the original mix and injects with a rush of peak-hour piano house, offering up a slew of hands-up moments while retaining that signature dancefloor drama.

Speaking of the remix, Koss said:

“Well, the story behind this remix is quite simple. It’s been few months now that I’m sending all my promos to Alex. We love each other’s work, so when he asked me to remix ‘Static,’ I couldn’t say no. After a few listens, I completely fell in love with the vocal which is actually full of emotions. So, I’ve tried to get those feelings on the remix. I knew in the beginning that I wanted something club and radio. I came with this new chord progression and Chop vocal. It’s crazy cause all the ideas came really fast. I finished the remix in only 2 days because I was really inspired. I’m really proud of this project; it’s one of my favorites!”

Stream the full mix below and grab more information on Cazzette here.


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