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Looking to deepen your DJ company’s digital imprint? Are you losing business to inferior jocks who are more adept at social media? Have bad online reviews hurt your business? Are you looking for hidden-gem upsells and effective new marketing methods? Look no further — digital-marketing maven Jordan St. Jacques of Canada’s Digitera has the solutions for you.

With 4 in-depth, info-filled sessions, DJ Expo ’19 will present a special Digital Seminar Track that will help solve the mysteries of social media/digital marketing — and make you more money along the way. Join Jordan St. Jacques for these vital tutorials:

Inside the Analytics: How to Analyze Numbers on Google, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Too often, hard-working DJs don’t have enough time to sort through their analytics and make sense of their digital footprints. Let Digitera’s Jordan St. Jacques change that, as he dives into the platforms themselves and actually determines what all the numbers mean — so that you can get a leg up on your competition. This will be a working session — no slides here. Jordan will be working on his laptop with the results being shown on the big screen in real-time! (Monday, August 12)

Reputation Management: How to Effectively Counteract Bad Online Reviews

Your professional reputation means everything to the success of your business, and that’s especially so for personality-driven industries like DJing. Join Digitera’s Jordan St. Jacques for this hour on “Reputation Management,” as he teaches you how to monitor the web for negative comments/reviews, and shows you how to effectively counteract them. One bad review can cost you money, so protect yourself with this valuable knowledge. (Tuesday, August 13)

Offering Digital Products to Upsell Your Wedding Packages

Upsells… as a DJ, what’s not to like, right? Any good Wedding DJ already knows that there are physical products and services you can sell to your clients that add profit to every package. But did you know there are digital products that fall into this category as well? Digitera’s Jordan St. Jacques will take you through a few of these products, describe how to sell them, explain what’s involved in fulfilling these orders, and go through how to find proper local suppliers who can help you along the way. (Wednesday, August 14)

How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your DJ Business

In 2019 and beyond, building reach on social media is becoming harder and harder. Potential DJ-customers are simply bombarded with too much digital noise, and cutting through this noise is a greater challenge than ever before. You can still penetrate this roadblock and reach customers by engaging in influencer marketing within your marketing mix. With Digitera’s Jordan St. Jacques leading the way, learn how to use local and regional influencers to accelerate your conversions, and book more DJ gigs. (Thursday, August 15)

Plus, sponsored workshop seminars from ADJ, Chauvet DJ, Pioneer DJ & more.