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With social distancing being a requirement throughout the United States for the foreseeable future due to the current coronavirus pandemic, RequestNow allows partygoers to text their requests directly to the DJ!

RequestNow is a newly released DJ software that allows DJs to take song requests via SMS in addition to providing tons of branding and marketing channels as well as guest interaction tools.

DJs will now be able to take song requests in a non-intrusive way (from a distance) with an algorithm which finds the song, adds it to a list the DJ can read at their convenience, and automatically replies with a customizable text to let the user know their request was received. RequestNow lets the audience feel involved and provides the DJ with the information to play the perfect event.

Following the event, DJs are also able to send a Thank You message that includes their booking info to everyone that requested a song.

Check out an RequestNow tutorial below and visit to find out more information.

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