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Are you looking to grow your DJ business? Is the sky the limit for your company? If so, what are the latest methods for moving on up? Do “tried-and-true” approaches still work? Find out at DJX ’22, where we present two new sessions that’ll set your DJ company up for much better business.

“How to Leverage SEO to Book More Events – Without Paid Advertisements”

Blogging is the No. 1 way to get your DJ-website to rank on Google. Like any online marketing, though, you need a strategy. At DJX ’22, Nicole Otero of NYC’s TCM DJ Events – who has played everything from hip, underground parties to massive, private events – will show you the way. She’ll walk you, step-by-step, through all the tools and strategies she employed to get her website to rank on Page No. 1 of Google (for the keyword “wedding DJ”) in just six months.

Topics include: Basics on SEO, local SEO and organic traffic; How to get your website noticed on Google; Identifying keywords for your specific market; and Having a good workflow (CRM system) for a strong conversion rate. With teaching experience that ranges from Tisch/NYU’s The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and the Scratch DJ Academy, Otero has plenty to offer – listen, learn, and profit.

“Growing Your Business: The Not-So-Fun Stuff That Allows the Fun Stuff”‌

Presented by Joshua Lask of LB Entertainment in Monroe, N.Y., this new seminar will explain how, through tight business management, LB Entertainment went from a single-DJ operation to an event group with entertainment, photography, event rentals and consulting within two years. By explaining 10 crucial areas of business, this seminar will empower and enable people to push past their comfort zones and handle or delegate important tasks to ensure proper and profitable growth. Topics include: Organizational structure for the business; Delegation and team-building; Cash-flow management and accounts receivable; Budgeting for scaled growth; Mergers and acquisitions; Benefits of having employees, as opposed to contractors; How to network and whom to network with; Dominating your marketplace; Preparing for a sale or retirement; and Disaster-planning (for the business). Looking to really grow your DJ business? Start right here.

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