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After much anticipation and brief postponement, Louis The Child‘s debut album Here For Now and it was well worth the late.

Following a steady barrage of colossal collaborations, the Chicago native’s showcase their majestic production prowess with a simply stunning 14-track offering that comes equipped with “We All Have Dreams” with K.Flay, “What a World” with Bob Moses and many more!

Louis The Child says about the album, “There are a few messages throughout the album. Primarily, it’s about realizing and accepting how short this life is, trying to appreciate the moments we get, and finding the magic in every second because we’re only here for now. We wrote songs about the way we view the world. The way we treat each other matters. We can be a positive light. Let’s not stress the small things. Let’s make our experience the best we can for ourselves and everyone around us.”

Stream Louis The Child’s Here For Now in its entirety below.

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