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On Monday at DJ Expo (DJX), Big Daddy and crew will be addressing what happened in COVID-plagued 2020 at a seminar “Did You Find Yourself?” “The key word is ‘patience,’ says Big Daddy. “As far as business goes, we took it one day at a time, one battle at a time, because we had battles, everywhere, with people wanting their money back, changing dates three and four times and everything else. So patience was the main thing.”

Panel members, including Jaymie Perez, Jordan Marshall, Dylan Weisman, Michael Langsner, and Jeffrey Siber will talk about useful pivots they did — streaming on Twitch and virtual bridal shows being just two examples.

“The one thing we all figured out is these parties are not going to be as big as they used to be, and there are people that are not going to be able to travel,” says Big Daddy. “So if you didn’t jump on the virtual game, it’s not too late, you’ve gotta face the future. We’ll be talking about that as well.”

Also present will be Big Daddy’s singular brand of enthusiasm. “I’m 66 years old. I just booked my fourth wedding for 2023, and here’s what it is: it’s all about love,” he says. “None of this is about us. We have to focus on everybody else. Because right now, with everything opening up more, clients wants everything NOW. And their feeling is, well, DJs didn’t work for 16 months so you guys will take any amount of money. And they’re gonna try tell you how much you’re worth. We won’t let that happen.”

“Bottom line,” says Big Daddy, “because our world is so different than it used to be, you’ve got to look through different eyes than you did before. Well, this seminar we’ve put together, the five people I’ve got on this panel are rock stars, and they can help you look through different eyes. Jamie is branding herself like no one else, Jordan is one of the best performers around, Dylan is rocking the mitzvhas, and Mike is the glue that puts it all together. Don’t miss it!”


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