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9. Be bold and brave

If you feel you have something you can offer the industry—we’re looking for people just like you.

“We may be the ones who are a little older and a little more knowledgeable,” says Weitz, “but it’s the young, upcoming talent that we always look forward to helping carry the industry to the next decade. Is that you?”

Suggests Hollman: “DJ Expo attendees should enter with a totally open mind and be ready to learn. At my first Expo in 2007, that was my mindset and that’s how I stumbled into a meeting of the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network [NJDJN] in one of the smaller ballrooms. At this meeting, I was inspired by success stories from the likes of Darryl ‘Jake’ Jacobsen, Marcello Pedalino and Jeffrey Craig Siber.

“This inspiration gave me the courage to go full-time in the business. The NJDJN helped put my business on a fast track. Fast-forwarding to 2015, I now serve as the president of this very organization that benefited me so much.”

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