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DJ Times: So it’s a consideration for you…
Jones: I believe in my heart in myself and my team, and I think most people I know are trying their best to make sure everyone is safe. Don’t get me wrong: these are horrible things that are happening, With the thing down at BPM, there was also a shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport a few weeks ago. An airport with security everywhere and metal detectors. Unfortunately, right now in the world there’s a lot of violence, and whether it’s a party, whether it’s a football match, or anything, there’s going to be incidents. I think sometimes they get blown up [in the media] because it’s a party and people think that there’s something wrong with partying anyway.

DJ Times: What are you up to, studio-wise? What do you have planned for the year?
Jones: I’ve been kind of in transit with my studio. I had a studio for five years in London and then I moved out and gradually moved over here to L.A. I’m now extremely settled here, and finally I’m—in one way to put it—banging out the tunes at the moment. My plan is to reach a healthy number of EPs this year. I am working on a number of other big projects.

DJ Times: What about Hot Natured?
Jones: The guys are actually coming over this afternoon! We’ve got a couple of tracks which we’ve been road-testing a little bit, slightly more clubby stuff. We’re going to finish those, and then we’re definitely going to do another album. My plan is for 2018 to get it out there. We’re going to take our time and develop a new sound. One reason there hasn’t been any new Hot Natured music is because everyone’s doing something. Lee Foss is about to release his new album, Infinity Ink’s been working on theirs, and I’ve been busy with Paradise and stuff. One of things I’ve been doing is as a producer.

DJ Times: How?
Jones: I had a way of working for many years. I originally used to use Logic, then I used Ableton Live for a good eight years. I’ve used many machines and stuff, but I had a system. What I wanted to do, when moving into my new studio in L.A. and before I started the new Hot Natured album, was really better myself as an engineer so that when I started back, I’d have a new way of doing things. All the machines, whether it was my 909 or my MPC or Jupiter or whatever, I learned how to use everything properly. I learned about mixing and compression.

DJ Times: And the result?
Jones: So now when I’m in my big new, fully analog studio in L.A., I know how to use everything. I’ve worked out what my favorite things are—favorite drum machines, exactly how to make songs fully in them without putting them into Logic. I also switched from Ableton to Logic and Pro Tools. I’m still deciding which one I like better, but I know how to use both of them properly now, so I’ve got the option. So rather than making music for six months, I’ve just been educating myself on music production, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. Going into the studio now, it’s amazing because I have all these new sets of skills to utilize.

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