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Everyone can benefit from a company logo review. It’s the first point of reference a client will encounter.

That’s the idea behind “The Logo Review” — a video series where we take a look at the logos of DJ business owners from a design/branding viewpoint.

In this Episode 2, Mike Petritis, owner of Eliix Marketing, looks at two more logos and offers his seasoned critique.

First up is Atlanta-based Dan Blankowski’s logo. He said:

“I had my logo and brand overhauled 4 years ago after my divorce, and I wanted a logo that defined exactly what I do. in a positive easy to understand manner — thus, the old school microphone and disco ball explain that I’m an accomplished master of ceremonies and interactive DJ. I think the disco ball is the universal symbol for “fun” and making a strong comeback. The logo cost me $35 on Fiverr and I welcome feedback and suggestions!”

dj business logo

Branding expert Mike Petritis took a look and asked DJ Dano if he’s shown his logo to brides in their 20s and 30s. “The number one thing brides look for is comfort,” he said. “Is your logo introducing self-doubt? It’s a psychographic rundown, which many people might not pay attention to, but you need to ask yourself: Are you modern and fun?

Petritis also gave insights on how to have elements of your logo interact with the text.

The next logo is from Massachusetts-based Kim Collins.

She said about her logo: “It’s very similar to my own signature and feminine — which is what I’m striving for,” she said.

business logo review

Hear what Petritis has to say about having a “purposeful start and purposeful end” when it comes to logo design.

Former DJ Mike Petritis is the owner of Eliix Marketing in Austin, Texas.

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