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By DJ Deets

QSC Audio’s new CP Series of compact, powered loudspeakers comes in two flavors: an 8-inch CP8 and a 12-inch CP12. Both models have a 1,000-watt, Class-D amplifier. Weight and portability were big considerations during the design process, so it’s no wonder that the CP8 weighs only 21 pounds, and the CP12 weighs 30 pounds. They are designed for mobile and event DJs, corporate-event producers, bands, and venue installation. Given that a pair of speakers – in either size – costs under $1,000, these seem like really attractive options for those seeking a first-PA system, a secondary setup, or booth monitors.

Unboxing my CP12s was a breeze. They each arrived with a really handy soft-shell carrying tote (sold separately), which really emphasizes the portable nature of these speakers. The tote was a welcome touch, and I’m sure everyone who’s had to awkwardly carry loudspeakers long distances will appreciate them.

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